Types of Pressing or Ironing Applied in Apparel Industry

By | March 5, 2016

Types of Pressing or Ironing Applied in Apparel Industry

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Pressing or ironing is one of the important processes in the finishing department of readymade garments industry. There are different types of pressing process applied in the garments which are mentioned in this article.

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Pressing or ironing section in apparel industry

Pressing or ironing section in apparel industry

Categories of Pressing or Ironing Applied in Garments Industry:

The pressing or ironing of garment is categorized into five according to the garments types, designs and materials are given below:

  1. No pressing,
  2. Minimum pressing,
  3. Under pressing,
  4. Final pressing,
  5. Permanent pressing.

All the above pressing categories have explained in the below:

1. No pressing or ironing:

There are some garments which have not the need of pressing such as underwear, briefs, swim wear. These types of garments are made by knitted fabric.

2. Minimum pressing or ironing:

Some garments are available which need finishing done by applying heat but no need of pressure such as night gowns, knitted T-shirt, Leisure wear and so on. These types of garments are pressed by steaming and by flowing dry air to the garments called minimum pressing.

3. Under pressing or ironing:

To complete sewing easily and beautifully, it must require to give minimum ironing to some parts of garments before sewing is called under pressing. Especially under pressing is done to most of the apparel industries for making coat, jacket, and trouser and so on. For example, where there is needed for doing crease effect to the parts of garments done by ironing before sewing.

4. Final pressing or ironing:

The final pressing is done by applying heat and pressure to the garments. This is done after making of garments. This is generally done in jacket, trouser, skirt and so on. Special types of pressing machine are used here for final pressing.

5. Permanent pressing or ironing:

This is a special type of pressing or ironing, when it is given to retain the shape of apparels or special conditions. Example: dirt and pleat which cannot be displace or drawn off after washing of garments again. This type of ironing is done by applying high temperature and steam. Sometimes there is needed for pressure.

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