How to Increase Productivity in Apparel Industry?

By | February 25, 2017

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Productivity in Clothing or Apparel Sector:

Productivity is a frequently talked about phrase in any production oriented enterprise. It is totally related with the profit percentage of an apparel export order in apparel industry. Destiny of an organization eventually depends upon quality and productivity. Many people conceive of productivity as an entity separate from quality. Productivity actually always encompasses quality. There is actually no meaning of high productivity if the products or services produced are of second quality.

Sewing line in readymade apparel industry

Sewing line in readymade apparel industry

It is also unwise rather harmful to view productivity as activities related to production department alone. Productivity relates to all activities in the enterprise. This chapter shows how low productivity brings in a chain of vicious cycle in the organization, the measures to be taken to boost productivity in totality and how systems and processes promote productivity.

Production Versus Productivity:

Production generally refers to activities that convert resources into product or services while productivity is related with how specially products or services are produced.

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20 Factors to Improve Productivity in Apparel Sector:

The following measures should be adopted through the enterprise so as to improve productivity in the readymade apparel-industry:

  1. All materials available in time,
  2. Using time and motion study,
  3. Right and scientific machine lay-out,
  4. Right and scientific target setting,
  5. Right type of technology used,
  6. Right level of worker attendance,
  7. Motivated workforce,
  8. Computerization of all possible works of all the departments,
  9. Right material handling processes,
  10. Skill and workmanship of workers,
  11. Job satisfaction at workplace,
  12. Good work environment,
  13. Using right systems,
  14. Right leadership quality of supervisors, APms, PMs, etc,
  15. Right organization of materials,
  16. Right quantity of high performance machinery,
  17. Proper machine maintenance,
  18. Continues training,
  19. Minimum worker migration,
  20. Using right processes.

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