Process Flow Chart of Stone Washing

By | August 18, 2015

Process Flow Chart of Stone Washing

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Stone Wash:

To achieve the desired stone washing effect for the garments, the stone should be of proper hardness, shape and size. It should be mentioned that, for heavy weight garments, large and hard stones are suitable. For light weight garments, small and soft stones are suitable. It is a popular garment washing.

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The ratio of stone weight and garments weight is- [{(0.5 to 3)/1} kg]

During stone wash of any garments, the degree of color fading depends on some factors, such as- garments to stone ratio, washing time, stone size and material to liquor ratio. Stone washing times varies from 60-120min. Stones can be reused until those disintegrate completely.

stone washed jeans

Stone washed jeans

Process Flowchart of Stone Wash:

Stone washing process flow chart for any garments is in the following-

Garments loading with stone


Rinse (Two times)

Stone wash

Rinse (Two times)


Unload the garments



All the above processes of stone wash are discussed in the below table:

SL No.
Garments loading
with stone
It is the first process of stone washing; here the unwashed garments are loaded with required amount of stone.
Garments are de-sized here by using de-sizing chemical.
Rinse (Two times)
After completing de-sizing process, the garments should be rinsed at least two times to remove the size material from the garments.
Stone washing
Here, the garments should be washed until achieving the desired shade by using required chemical.
Rinse (Two times)
After completing stone washing, the garments must be rinsed two times to remove chemical and stone particle from the garments.
Here softener is used for achieving more soft effect on garments.
Unload the garments
After completing all the above process, the garments are unloaded here from the machine.
Here the garments are extracted by using hydro extractor machine.
Finally the garments are sent to the drying section to dry all of those by using gas dryer or steam dryer.

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