List of Top Denim Mills in the World

By | December 22, 2015

List of Top Denim Mills in the World

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In today’s fashionable era, denim garments is most popular garments in all the age group around the world. Denim garment has a lot of advantages from its buying to wearing. There are so many denim mills in the world which produce the denim fabric and finally it’s converted into denim garments. Those factories have mentioned in this article so that anyone can find those and fulfill their sourcing requirements.

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Definition of Denim:

“Denim” the term has developed from the city of Nimes in France denim produced for the first ever. From the history it’s known that, in the 19th century heavy cotton fabrics were produced in the Rhone Valley region of France which were known as “Tissue de Nimes” and “Blue de Genes”. Today’s “Denim” and “Jeans” terms derived from those designations.

Denim Factory

Denim Factory

Generally denim is a heavy fabric which is made from 100% cotton and woven from coarse indigo dyed warp and grey un-dyed weft yarn. Traditionally produced denim is hard-wearing, high density fabrics containing with a high mass per unit area and 3/1 or 2/1- twill weave construction.

Importance of Denim Garments:

Denim has a lot of advantages in our daily life which are mentioned in the below:

  1. Denim garments is more comfortable in wearing.
  2. Denim garments is more fashionable than others.
  3. Denim garments is more affordable than other garments.
  4. And most importantly, denim garments is more durable and long lasting.

For the above key points, denim garments is most popular in all the age group.

Types of Denim Fabric:

There are different types of denim fabric used in denim garments manufacturing are mentioned in the following:

  1. Marble denim,
  2. Crushed denim,
  3. Reverse denim,
  4. Bubble gum denim,
  5. Colored denim,
  6. Denim from fox fiber,
  7. Ecru denim,
  8. Vintage denim.

List of Top Denim Fabric Manufacturing Company in the World:

Denim Mills in Bangladesh:

  1. Ha-Meem Denims Ltd,
  2. Beximco Denim Ltd,
  3. Partex Deenim Ltd,
  4. Chittagong Denim Ltd,
  5. Pacific Denims Ltd,
  6. Envoy Textiles,
  7. Jamuna Denims Ltd,
  8. Nassa Taipei Denims Ltd,
  9. Salek Textile Ltd,
  10. Shasha Denim Ltd.

Denim Mills in China:

  1. Bafang Weaving,
  2. Blue Diamond,
  3. Black Peony Co. Ltd,
  4. Advanced Denim Co. Ltd,
  5. Prosperity Textiles,
  6. China jinsuo Textile Co. Ltd
  7. Lanyan,
  8. Weiqiao Textiles.

Denim Mills in India:

  1. Ashima Denim,
  2. Aarvee Denim,
  3. Arvind Mills,
  4. Nandan Denim,
  5. Bhaskar Denim,
  6. Surya Lakhsmi Cotton Mills,
  7. Century Denim,
  8. Ginni International,
  9. LNJ Denim,
  10. Raymond Denim,
  11. Mafatlal Denim,
  12. Soma Textiles,
  13. Modern Denim Ltd,
  14. Nahar Fabrics,
  15. Blue Blends,
  16. Rainbow denim,
  17. Malwa Industries,
  18. Shri Lakhsmi,
  19. Vinod Denim.

Denim Mills in Pakistan:

  1. Classic Denim Mills,
  2. Hantex Denim,
  3. Al Ameen,
  4. Artistic Fabric Mills,
  5. ADM Denim,
  6. Kassim Denim,
  7. Crescent Bahuman,
  8. Denim International,
  9. Siddique Sons,
  10. Rajby Textiles,
  11. M Denim,
  12. X-Pertex Denim Mills,
  13. Soorty Denim,
  14. US Denim Mills.

Denim Mills in Hongkong:

  1. Moufung Denim,
  2. Central Fabrics,
  3. United Dragon,
  4. Quicken Textiles Ltd,
  5. Ye Tai Weaving Factory Ltd,
  6. New Sol Rising Textiles Ltd.

Denim Mills in Japan:

  1. Kurabo,
  2. Japan Blue Group,
  3. Nisshinbo,
  4. Kuroki,
  5. Kihara Denim.

Denim Mills in Italy:

  1. Denim Area Industrie S.P.A,
  2. Berto E.G. Industria Tessile,
  3. Aqua Fabrics,
  4. TRC Denim,
  5. ITV Denim,
  6. Gentex,
  7. Ital Denim,
  8. CDI Parras Denim.

Denim Mills in Turkey:

  1. Isko Denim,
  2. Akmoda Tekstil,
  3. Matesa Tekstil,
  4. Bossa,
  5. Calik Holdings,
  6. Birlin Mensucat,
  7. Ortaanadolu,
  8. Kipas Holding.

Denim Mills in USA:

  1. Denim North America
  2. PCCA,
  3. Swift Galey
  4. Cone Denim,

Denim Mills in Indonesia:

  1. PT Tyfountex,
  2. PT Apac.

Denim Mills in South America (Brazil, Argentina):

  1. Textile Canatiba
  2. Vicunha,
  3. Santsta.

Denim Mills in Spain:

  1. Santanderina,
  2. Tavex ,
  3. Saez Merino,
  4. Tejidos Rovos,
  5. RSP 51.

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  1. Dr. Wolf Klaus

    Did you forget Mexico/Columbia with GIANT – KALTEX Group ?? In my view a key-Denim player in the Americas.

  2. Nawaz

    A lot of denim mills missing in the list from Pakistan. Mekotex, Azgard9, Rajwani textile, Marfani Denim, and Artistc Milliner etc


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