Knit Fabric Consumption Formula for a Basic T-Shirt

Knit Fabric Consumption Formula for a Basic T-Shirt

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Fabric Consumption:

Fabric consumption is an important factor in garments merchandising. Profit of an order mostly depends on it. As a result, fabric consumption should be done accurately after receiving the order.

As its vast importance on garments merchandising, today I will discuss about the knit fabric consumption formula for T-Shirt.

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Method of Knit Fabric Consumption:

Knit fabric consumption should be done by using the following formula-

Fabric consumption per dozen, (All measurements in cm),Fabric consumption per dozenNote:

  1. Types of fabric and fabric GSM will be confirmed by the buyer.
  2. For body length and sleeve length, approximate sewing allowance (12cm) should be needed at body hem, shoulder joint, sleeve hem and armhole joint.
  3. For chest width, approximate sewing allowance (6cm) should be needed at both side seams.
  4. And approximate fabric wastage in various stages is 10%.

Now, I will provide an example for knit fabric consumption in the following. After that, all the confusion about the above discussion will be cleared I think.


Suppose, one of the buyer has provided you the following measurement chart of a basic T-Shirt by mentioning the order quantity and fabric GSM. (Where Fabric is 100% cotton single jersey and fabric GSM is 160 and order quantity is 10000pcs). Then calculate the fabric consumption for this order.calculate the fabric consumption Solution:

Here, we will follow the measurement chart for XL size.

  • Fabric GSM- 160,
  • Total order quantity- 10000
  • Body length or shirt length- 79cm
  • Sleeve length- 43cm
  • ½ Chest width- 61cm

Now, all the measurements are applied on the following formula-

Fabric consumption per dozen, (All measurement in cm),
= 3.45 + 10% (in kg)
= 3.795 kg per dozen.

So, fabric needed for 10000pcs (833.33 dozen) garments is 3162.5kg.

Speech from the writer:
All the articles of mine are long, because I want to explain all the terms with clear concept. As u all easily understand what I want to say. I believe that, it will be so much helpful for you.

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    on theory.

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    Thanks for sharing the formula.
    To be more clear do you like to explain why you are divided by 10000000 and from where is comes/ make?
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    Nice & understand how to calculate knit fabric cons, thanks.

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    I have need Neck tap consumption or Back tap consumption for Basic Tee Shirt.

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    why u take sleeve length from collar to cuff? why not from arm hole to cuff?

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  8. firoz

    sorry to say sleeve length 43cm long or short?
    length *chest*2÷10000000*gsm*12+10%=1dozen consumption.
    chest=half chest +4cm.


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