How to Estimate Line efficiency of Garment Production

By | September 15, 2015

How to Estimate Line Efficiency of a Garment Production?

Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
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Line efficiency is a known term in the readymade garments sector. Line efficiency plays an important role to produce target garments production. Normally it’s done by industrial engineers. As its importance in garments manufacturing, today I will present here the estimation method of line efficiency for a garment production.

Line efficiency of a Garment Production

Line Efficiency of a Garment Production

Calculation Method for Line Efficiency of a Garment Production:

An industrial engineer has to confirm the following items before starting the calculation method for line efficiency of a garment production:

  1. Production output from the line (Pcs),
  2. Standard allowed minutes (SAM) for garments,
  3. Total number of operators in the line,
  4. Total working hours.

Now, by applying all the above items in the below formula, an industrial engineer can easily estimate the line efficiency of a garment production.

Line Efficiency (%),

Now, one example is enough to remove all the confusions from the above discussion.

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In Zara Fashion Ltd. a garment production line produced 300pcs Sweet shirt garments in 45 Standard allowed minutes (SAM) by using 40 operators, where working hours was 8.

Now, estimate the lines efficiency for the mentioned garment production.


Production output from the line- 300pcs
Standard allowed minutes (SAM) for Sweet shirt garments – 45
Total number of operators in the line – 40
Total working hours – 8hrs

Now, by using the following formula, industrial engineer can estimate easily the line’s efficiency of the mentioned garment production.

Line Efficiency (%),

= 70.3%

So, lines efficiency of the mentioned sweet shirt garments production stands at 70.3%

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    Factory system very very good . Present I am working it egypt as a production manager

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    Your IE concept is really good,I want new more concept of IE.

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  3. nandha Gopal

    Hello, this is after producing calculating of efficiency. This is normal. Please change your heading… it is not estimating it is calculating.

  4. jc

    what if there are multiple styles in a single line containing different SAMs? how can I calculate the efficiency?


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