How to Estimate Embroidery Cost in Garments

By | August 23, 2015

How to Calculate Embroidery Cost in Garments?

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In this fashionable era, embroidery is a common term in garments manufacturing sector. To make garments more attractive and fashionable, embroidery is must. In my garments merchandising job life I have received rarely without embroidery garments export order. Sometimes it’s seen that, a single garment contains more than two or three embroidery design. During garments costing, garments merchandiser should estimate the embroidery cost also. As its importance in garments merchandising, today I will present here the estimation system of embroidery cost for garments export order.

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Embroidery on Garment

Embroidery on Garment

Calculation of Embroidery Cost in Garments:

Normally embroidery costing is estimated on depending embroidery stitch unit, which is 12000.

Before estimating of an embroidery cost, a garments merchandiser must confirm about the following parameters:

  1. Number of stitches needed to complete a design,
  2. Rate per unit design.

Finally, by using the following formula, garments merchandiser can easily estimate the embroidery cost of garments.

Embroidery cost (per dozen),

Now, one example is enough to clear all the confusion from the above discussion.


Suppose, for an “American eagle” order (10000pcs Polo shirt) you have to calculate the embroidery cost, where the required data is in the following:

  1. Stitch quantity- 9000
  2. Rate per unit design- $0.30


As we have got the required data from the above order specification, then we can now easily estimate the embroidery cost by applying in the following formula-

Embroidery cost (per dozen),

= $2.7 per dozen

So, for 10000pcs or 833.33dozen garments embroidery cost stands at (833.33 × 2.7) = $2250

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