How to Calculate Poly Bag Consumption in Apparel Industry?

By | November 3, 2015

How to Calculate Poly Bag Consumption in Apparel Industry?

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Poly bag is an important material in readymade garments sector. As a result, poly bag consumption is too much needy for the garments merchandisers. Though, there’s so many who still don’t know the correct method of poly bag consumption calculation. This article will be very effective for them.

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Poly Bag Consumption Calculation Method in Garments Industry:

We know, poly bag is produced from polymer. So, poly bag consumption can be calculated by calculating required amount of polymer in the poly bag.

Poly bag consumption

Poly bag consumption

Before starting the poly bag consumption calculation, a garments merchandiser should confirm the following information:

  1. Length of poly bag in inch,
  2. Poly bag width in inch,
  3. Thickness of poly bag in gauge,
  4. ½ flap of poly bag (Flap is single layer and width of poly bag is double layer),
  5. of print on the poly bag (Print can be any types of logo, text, warning etc.).

Now, by using the below formula, we can easily calculate the poly bag consumption in apparel industry.

Poly bag consumption (for 1000pcs in kg),

Now, one example is enough to remove all kinds of confusions from the above discussion.


Suppose, for a garments export order (10,000pcs), the buyer “H&M” suggests the below information about the poly bag.

Length of poly bag- 30”,
Poly bag width- 25”,
Thickness of poly bag- 160 gauge,
½ flap of poly bag- 3”,

Now you have to calculate the poly bag consumption for the above order.


Poly bag consumption (for 1000pcs in kg),

= 40 kg per 1000pcs poly bag.

So, for 1000pcs poly bag, LDPE polymer needed 40kg.


For 10,000pcs poly bag, LDPE polymer needed= (40 × 10) = 400kg.

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  1. Arif Khan

    calculations of poly bag understanding but what is 3300 in consumption formula
    (30 3)x25x160
    3300. answer 40 kg


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