GSM Calculation Method Without Using GSM Cutter

By | August 20, 2015

GSM Calculation Method Without Using GSM Cutter

Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
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Normally a garments merchandiser does not follow the fabric manufacturing systems. Apparel merchandiser ordered the knitting section by providing the required instructions (Fabric type, GSM) given by the buyer. As a result, merchandiser can’t give surety about the contained fabric GSM. If merchandiser will follow some GSM calculation method, can easily identify the correct fabric GSM. As its importance in garments merchandising today I will present GSM calculation method in this article.

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GSM Calculation method without using GSM Cutter

GSM Calculation method without using GSM Cutter

As a garments merchandiser everyone have to know about the GSM calculation method. GSM can be calculated by using GSM cutter or sometimes without using GSM cutter.


GSM means gram per square meter. Its unit is (gm/m2). In knitting fabric it is the main parameter. It is controlled by loop length. If loop length increases GSM will decrease and vice versa.

GSM Cutter:

GSM cutter is one kinds of circular cutter, which cuts 1/100 of a square meter of fabric area.

GSM Calculation Method without Using GSM Cutter:

During calculating fabric GSM without using any GSM cutter, we should follow the following steps:

  1. At first, cut 5pcs (12cm × 12cm) fabric sample from the different portion of fabric. (Here 12cm is in length and 12cm is in width).
  2. Measure the weight of each sample in one by one method.
  3. Now, calculate the average weight of fabric sample.
  4. Also calculate the fabric sample area by multiplying length and width.
  5. Now by putting “average sample weight” and “fabric sample area” in the following formula, we can get easily the fabric GSM.

GSM calculation formula (in case of without using GSM cutter),gsm


5pcs (12cm × 12cm) size fabric sample weights are 1.8gm, 2gm, 1.85gm, 1.90gm and 1.95gm respectively.

Average weight of (12cm × 12cm) size fabric sample is,
= 1.9gm

Sample fabric area = fabric sample length × fabric sample width
= (12 × 12)
= 144cm2

GSM (in case of without using GSM cutter),

= 131.94

So, fabric GSM is 131.94

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18 thoughts on “GSM Calculation Method Without Using GSM Cutter

  1. Hanu

    Thanks sir.iam just learning stage in textile its helps a lot to me.

  2. S.Neelakantan

    Instead of 12 cm by 12 cm cutting, it is better to cut 10 cm by 10 cm and multipli by 100 and it is easy. Why 12 cms and complicate the things. There is no hard and fast rule for measurement when there is no GSM Cutter. You require a template and a precision balance that is all.

  3. Md. Ibrahim Hossain

    Dear Concern,

    Please discuss briefly about GSM in textile. Also show the calculation. Which (brand)machine have you used for this test?

    Thank you.


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