Different Types of Label Used in Garments

By | July 14, 2015

Different Types of Label Used in Garments

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Label is an important part of a garment. A label is more than just a piece of fabric, which directly communicates with the customer. It’s something like that drawing the full attention of the customer. Also describes what the product quality actually is in. on the basis of label, customer decides whether he/ she buys the garments or not. So, a label has a great importance on selling the garment.

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Different Garments Label

Different Garments Label

Definition of Label:

A garment label is a communicator between the buyer and product. A garment label contains various types of information of that garments, such as buyer name, country of origin, types of fabric, types of yarn, fabric composition, garments size, special instruction about care etc. Without any types of label a garment cannot be sold in the foreign market.

Types of Label used in Garments:

There are mainly two types of label and these ares-

  • Main Label,
  • Sub Label.

Those are discussed in the below:

A. Main Label:

Main label contains the Brand name or Brand logo of buyer such as H&M, American Eagle, Nautica etc. Brand name is the important factor for any product. Because the customers are targeted the Brand during buying any product. A Brand name is the mental satisfaction about the product from the customer’s point of view. A main label is totally certified the right quality of the brand.

Main label

Main label

B. Sub Label:

Sub Label is not a label by itself but it includes different types of label. These are in the following:

  1. Care Label,
  2. Size Label,
  3. Price Label,
  4. Composition Label,
  5. Special Label,
  6. Flag Label.

All kinds of Sub Labels are discussed in the following:

1. Care Label:

Care label is another important types of label for the garments. It assists the customers to know how the product should be cared. It indicates different types of care instruction about the garments such as Washing, Bleaching, Drying, Laundering and Ironing, if it can be maintained in directed way, then the garments will achieve higher durability and garments shade will be perfect for its highest period of time.

Care label

Care label

2. Size Label:

Size label indicates the size of the garments. Size labels are indicated as S, M, L, XL, where S for small, M for medium, L for large and XL for extra large.

Size label

Size label

3. Price Label:

Price label indicates the price of the garments.

Price label

Price label

4. Composition Label:

Composition label indicates the fabrication and composition percentage of any garments. That means, it indicates which fabrication (Cotton Sub denim, Cotton Regular denim etc.) and composition percentage (95% Cotton 5% Spandex, 100% Cotton etc.) have followed during its manufacturing.

Composition label

Composition label

5. Special Label:

Sometimes the buyer advised to use special label in the garments to attract the customers on their items. Special labels are 100% silk, 100% Cotton and 100% Leather etc.

Special label

Special label

6. Flag Label:

Flag label is a very small label contains Brands name or Brands logo of the buyer. It is attached in the side seam of bottom parts of the garments.

Flag label

Flag label

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  2. Zafar Muhammad

    We are manufacturirers woven/ printed /care /heat seal/heat transfer labels for all sectors


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