Types of Protective Clothing and Their Uses or Applications

By | July 7, 2017

Definition of Protective Clothing:

Protective clothing includes textile or apparel related products which are worn and prevents a person or product from danger besides him.  It protects the risks and also reduces the risk of exposure to hostile elements or environments. This type of clothing extends to body armor like bullet proof vests, historical armor and futuristic powered armor along with normal clothing.

Fire entry suit as protective clothing

Fire entry suit as protective clothing

Currently available protective clothings or textiles (aramids such as Kevlar) are often heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable with limited protective performance. These properties limit their uses. As a result, Nano‐enabled textiles may provide a solution to overcome this limitation.

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List of Protective Clothing:

A list of protective clothing has presented in the below:

  1. Three layer Gore-tex active fabric,
  2. Polartec fleece jacket,
  3. Pertex fabrics,
  4. Protective clothings for military,
  5. Protection against ballistic,
  6. DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber for military soft body armor,
  7. Helmet (ski racing),
  8. Protective clothings against chemical,
  9. Protective clothings against radiation,
  10. Protective clothings against bacterial or Viral,
  11. Protective clothings for extreme cold wet weather,
  12. Heat and flame resistant clothing.

What Types of Fiber Used in Protective Clothing Manufacturing?

The below fibers are mostly used in protective clothings manufacturing:

  1. Meta-aramid is used for Nomex® (DuPont), TeijinConex®, TeijinConex HT® (Teijin).
  2. Para-aramid is used for Kevlar® (DuPont), Twaron® (Acordis), Technora® (Teijin).
  3. PTFE (Fluorocarbon fibers) is used for Teflon® (duPont), Toyoflon® (Toray).
  4. PBO (Polybenzoxazole) is used for  Zylon® (Toyobo).
  5. Polyimide (PI) is used for P-84® (Inspec).
  6. Carbon fiber is used for PAN (polyacrylonitrile) and Pitch based.
  7. PPS (Phenylene sulphide) is used for Ryton® (Amoco/Successor), Procon® (Toyobo), and Toray PPS® (Toray).
  8. Melamine is used for Basofil® (BASF).
  9. PBI (Polybenzimidazole) is used for PBI (Celanese).
  10. Carbon Precursor is used for Lastan® (Asahi).
  11. High Density Polyethylene – HDPE is used for Spectra® (Honeywell), Dyneema® (Dyneema.

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