Properties of Fusible Interlining

By | February 2, 2016

Fusible Interlining | Properties of Fusible Interlining

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There are two types of interlining used in readymade garments sector. Fusible interlining is one of those. It has great importance during sewing the garments in apparel manufacturing industry. Fusible interning follows some properties which has mentioned in this article.

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Fusible Interlining

Fusible Interlining

Fusible Interlining:

The interlining which can be fixed with the garments components by applying heat and pressure for certain period of time is called fusible interlining. During fusing, recommended temperature needed 165-170°C where fusing time needed 2-20sec and pressure depends on fusing technique.

Characteristics of Fusible Interlining:

Fusible interlining contains the below properties:

  1. Here, the fusing is done by using perfect temperature so that there is no hampering of fabric color.
  2. The maximum temperature of fusing should not be more than 175°
  3. The minimum temperature of this interlining should not be less than 110°
  4. The minimum temperature should be applied during fusing otherwise it will create problem in the bonding between garments fabric and interlining during washing or end using of garments.
  5. The bond of fusible interlining should not be opened or hampered due to washing or dry cleaning.
  6. After completing this type of interlining it should contain the stiffness and drape properties of garments.
  7. The color of fusible interlining must be white or transparent, but it can be different in color according to the fusing requirements.
  8. This type of interlining should be done as that the color of garment cannot be changed due to the color of interlining.
  9. The interlining should not be toxic to the human body during the end use of garments.

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