What are the Difference Between Process Control and Product Control in Textile Sector?

By | December 25, 2016

Definition of Process Development | Definition of Product Development | Comparison Among Process Control and Product Control in Textile

What is Product Development?

The testing of the product helps in the continual search for new knowledge. To provide new item, at first should develop a sample a like desired product. It may change as demand customer. Product development can be achieved by product control.

Difference Between Process and Product Controll.

Difference Between Process and Product Control

What is Process Development?

To avoid unnecessary waste of time and money and improve the end product quality is known as process development. The development may be done by changing the machine design and setting or discharge or add some processes there.

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Difference Between Product Control and Process Control:

SL No.
Process Control
Product Control
Proper utilization of raw materials and auxiliaries has done here.
Proper utilization of auxiliaries and raw materials and hasn’t done here.
Process control is producer and manufacturer oriented.
It is consumer oriented.
By process control we can analyze the process study, time study, costing and way of cost minimization.
It does not provide any information’s about process time and production time.
Process control is independent.
It is dependent.
In process control, it is possible to take necessary action for the correction during production processes.
After production it is not possible to take recovery the defects or faults.

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