Sampling Process in Garment Industry

Types of Sampling Plans for QC Inspections Sampling Methods: The main purpose of inspection is to know about the lot of garments to be granted or rejected. How many sample would be collected from a lot will be the aim of sampling plan. Also informed that, if more sample would be inspected needs more time… Read More »

List of Garment Machine with Specifications and Functions

List of Garment Machinery with Specification and Function Garment Machine: Garment machine or garments machinery plays an important role for making the finished product in readymade apparel industry. There are different types of garment machine used during garments manufacturing. This article has presented all the garment machine of apparel industry with their specifications and functions.… Read More »

10 Key Factors of Sewing Thread Consumption

Factors Should Considered During Sewing Thread Consumption Sewing Thread Consumption: The amount of threads needed to produce a garment is called sewing thread consumption of that garment. Generally, it is expressed in length. It must need to determine the thread consumption of garment. Because, the price of garment is determined with the price of sewing… Read More »

Sewing Thread Consumption for Some Garments and Stitches

Sewing Thread Consumption for Some Apparel and Stitches Sewing Thread: Sewing thread is one of the most important trimmings for the garments. Before manufacturing the garments by using different types of fabric, we have to calculate thread consumption for the definite apparel. Every garment merchandiser should know the approximate amount of sewing-thread needed for making the garments.… Read More »

Fusing Process Applied in Apparel Industry

Fusing Technology in Garment Industry Fusing Process in Garments: Fusing process is one kinds of alternative method of fabric joining which is vastly used to attach the interlining. At present, apparel manufacturing cannot be imagined without fusing process. As its importance, this article has presented a details discussion on fusing process with its classification and… Read More »

Pattern Paper | Garment Pattern Making Terms

Pattern Paper | Pattern Making Terms Used in Apparel Industry Pattern Paper: Pattern paper comes in a variety of weights and colors. Each serves a special purpose. Each paper supplier uses a code system to indicate the range of paper weights available. The manufacturer’s preference based on personal choice and the using to which it… Read More »

Parts and Functions of Sewing Machine Feed Mechanism

Different Parts and Functions of Sewing Machine Feed Mechanism Sewing Machine Feed Mechanism: Sewing machine feed mechanism is that which is used for moving the fabrics being stitched from one stitch position to the next. It is one of the most important parts of the sewing machine. Functions of Sewing Machine Feed Mechanism: The following… Read More »

Alternative Methods of Fabric Joining Applied in Apparel Industry

Alternative Methods of Fabric Joining Applied in Apparel Industry Alternative Methods of Joining Fabric: To join the fabric, sewing process is done by using needle and sewing thread. It is the oldest and widely used method in readymade garments industry. But there are some fabric joining process comes by researching with a long time though those have… Read More »

List of Pattern Making Tools and Their Uses

List of Pattern Making Tools and Their Uses Pattern Making Tools: To work efficiently, the pattern maker must have the proper pattern making tools and supplies. For making better communication with the workroom and to minimize errors due to misunderstanding, the pattern maker should know and understand some terminology related with pattern-making tools. List of… Read More »

Career in Garment Merchandising: Common Questions from Fresher

Career in Apparel Merchandising: Common Questions from Fresher Mayedul Islam Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House. Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Email: [email protected]   Introduction: From the inauguration period of our garments merchandising website to till now, there are some common questions asked from the readers and visitors especially from the fresher’s that why we don’t publish any… Read More »