How to Calculate Garments Production

By | August 8, 2015

How to Calculate Garments Production?

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Calculation of garments production plays an important role in shipping the goods timely. Estimation calculation is not a tough task that we normally seemed. As its importance on garments business, today I will present the estimation system of garments production in this article.

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Calculate Garments Production

Calculation of Garments Production

Calculation of Garments Production:

There are some points which must be needed during calculation of garments production,. Those are-

  1. Standard allowed minutes (SAM),
  2. Number of operators- working in a line,
  3. Number of hours running-production line work in a day,
  4. Average line efficiency,
  5. Total break time including Launch, Tea and Others.

During calculation of garments production, we have to follow a formula, that is-

Per day production (pc),
Here, total man-minutes mean number of operators working in a day including total break time for Launch, Tea and Others.


Total man-minutes = [Total Number of operator’s × {(Working hour in a day × 60minutes) – Total break time}]

Now, we can write equation (1) in the following way-

Per day production (Pc),

So, it is the main formula for estimation/calculation of garments production.

Now, one example is enough to understand the estimation of garments production and that is in the below:


For a polo shirt garment,

  • Standard allowed minutes (SAM) is-25 minutes,
  • Number of operators in a working line is-20
  • Number of hours running-production line work in a day- 8hrs
  • Average line efficiency – 60%
  • Total break time including Launch, Tea and Others- 60 minutes

So, calculate the estimation of polo shirt garments production.

Now, applying the above information in equation (2), we have-

Per day production (pc),
= 336 × 60%
= 201pcs

So, Estimation of polo shirt garments production per day is 201pcs.

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  1. safy

    Usually planning will be done for working hrs only, not including break time, so we can take working minutes directly, no need to deduct break time. For example let us consider factory timing is 9 am to 6pm, and break time is 1 pm to 2 pm.
    So we can calculate directly, ie. No. Of operators (20) x Working mins (8×60) x line eff (60%) / 25 SAM = 230 pcs

    1. Mayedul

      Thanks for sharing your valuable experience……….
      keep in touch…………

  2. Ritesh Agarwal

    hi. please send me more details im mail with above full methodology and Q &A

  3. Robin

    Thank u sir… Today i see ur this page.. And now i follow this page and learn everyday


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