Factors Should Consider Before Fabric Cutting

By | March 10, 2016

Factors Should Consider Before Fabric Cutting

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Fabric cutting is very important process for manufacturing the garments. Apparel can be rejected if cutting process will not be perfect. As a result, some points should consider before fabric cutting which helps to minimize the probability of garments rejection by the buyer. Those key points have explained in this article.

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Cutting section in garments

Cutting section in garments

Fabric Cutting:

The clarification of fabric cutting is very complex. In readymade garments industries, fabric is cut from lay and spreading with accuracy and properly which is known as fabric cutting. Marker outline is used to cut the fabric. During garments manufacturing, fabric cutting is very important as if something is cut in the wrong way which is not be rectified.

Points Should Concern Before Fabric Cutting:

The following are the most important points which should be considered before fabric cutting:

  1. Precision in cut i.e. the dimension of pattern and fabric parts is cut should be same.
  2. The cut edge must be cleaned.
  3. Infused edge.
  4. Consistency in fabric cutting.
  5. Support of lay.
  6. Place the fabrics on the cutting surface. This can be a large flat table or counter.
  7. Should position the pattern pieces on the fold or on the grain line as indicated.
  8. Every pattern pieces have a front side i.e. printed side and back side. Here, the layout diagram will indicate which way each piece should be placed.
  9. If the fabric has a one-way design then lay all of your pattern pieces in the same direction with finished project in mind.
  10. Accurate notch size. If it is large in size, it can be seen after sewing of fabrics. Also there is a great probability of producing problems in matching of patterns after sewing.
  11. Drill hole and size should be appropriate and it will be placed in its right place. If it is too large it would be seen after sewing. But if it is too small then it can be blocked easily.

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