Factors Considered During Fabric Consumption

By | August 11, 2015

Factors Considered During Fabric Consumption

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Fabric consumption is an important matter in garments manufacturing sector. Accurate fabric consumption reduces the probability of fabric shortage problem at the end of the order. There are some key factors which can create the fabric shortage problem. Those factors are clearly discussed in this article.

You may follow Fabric Consumption Calculation Formula for Different Apparel

Fabric Consumption Sheet

Fabric Consumption Sheet

Factors considered during fabric consumption:

The main key factors which must be considered during fabric consumption are mentioned in the following:

  1. Body fabric consumption,
  2. Rib,
  3. Neck tape,
  4. Appliqué and others fabric,
  5. Wastage estimation.

All the above five key points are discussed in the below:

1. Body fabric consumption:

At first, a garments merchandiser should calculate the body fabric consumption. It will be best if merchandiser calculate it after pattern making. Another one thing should be noted that, merchandiser should confirm the fabric diameter. In case of knit fabric, merchandiser should calculate the fabric consumption by adding extra 5 GSM with buyers specified GSM and in case of woven fabric, merchandiser should reduce 2” (in width) from the both side of fabric during fabric consumption.

Another important point is that, if the garments has wash process then make sure that, pattern made by adding the wash allowance.

2. Rib:

Here, a garments merchandiser must calculate the rib consumption carefully. Sometimes it’s seen that, the garments have rib at cuff opening and bottom hem but these are unfortunately missed out to consider during fabric consumption.

3. Neck tape:

Required amount of neck tape should be considered during fabric consumptions of garments.

4. Appliqué and others fabric:

Here, required amount of appliqué and others fabric must be considered during fabric consumptions of garments.

5. Wastage estimation:

During fabric consumption, normally 9% shrinkage added for the knit items. It can vary depending on the number of processes the garments have. If the garments have only front chest print, then 9% shrinkage will be ok, but if there’s all over or rotary print with heavy wash etc. then should increase the wastage%. If the garments have pigment dye then should be added 25-30% wastage. Because, in case of pigment dye, garments reject percentage is very high.

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  1. Lucio Fraiddy

    Muchas gracias me ayudó bastante , gracias que dios la bendiga, es muy buena idea

  2. Puja

    Please describe in detail. 3-5% extra is enough for wastage or for shrinkage. Same percentage is equally applicable for both type of woven and knitted, if its ready to use fabric. Agree with all 5 points but looking for more detail. Standard consumption is, by considering measurements of mid size: full body length+sleeve length+5% multiply by 2. Rest part depends on nature of fabric and requirement (print or dye) of design.

    1. Janaka Deegoda

      All depend by considering which finish they want. Yes Im agreed


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