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Top 10 Fashion Colleges in the World 2020

The first step towards a successful fashion career is getting into a professional college. The type of training will determine your career prospects. I hire professional writers to do my homework now and save time as well as boost performance. While fashion requires personal initiative and creativity, the school you attend will have an impact… Read More »

5 Emerging Trends Poised to Transform Retail Supply Chains

Global retail sales are forecasted to rise to approach $28 trillion by 2020 in the United States alone. So, the sector continues its advancement. Unsurprisingly, retail merchandisers are under the pressure to optimize supply chain efficiency and deliver a seamless customer experience. Between unpredictable seasons and choosy customers, this is a real challenge. You must… Read More »

5 Techniques to Gain Presence in a Fair

Trade fair is an opportunity to make massive sales hit and promote your brands, and as a business owner, it is essential to be judicious with how much time and money spent in the fair and to make the most of these fairs – it is important to maximize your presence. It is one thing… Read More »

Starting A Fashion Business? Here’s Why Sustainability Must Be A Top Priority 

Today’s climate changes, heavy pollution, and poor air quality made us all agree that our modern society needs to make a dramatic shift towards sustainability. We can no longer take our Mother Earth’s resources for granted. Do you ever think about what chemicals might exist in the fabric when you pull on a new t-shirt?… Read More »

Challenges You Can Face When Working in the Textile Industry and How to Solve Them

Working in the textile industry and running your own business is quite rewarding, but as you could expect it comes with advantages and disadvantages. In the textile industry, similar to all other industries, many entrepreneurs fail in achieving success because they don’t know the challenges this business comes with. In all industries, difficulties are not… Read More »

6 Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Productivity: A Textile Manufacturer’s Guide

Productivity Improvement Techniques in Textile and Garment Industry: Productivity is not how long you can get an employee to work; it is how well you can get him to work. In other words, productivity is defined as getting the best out of an employee without stressing him. There are multiple management techniques and tools designed… Read More »

How to Start a Successful E-Commerce Fashion Store

The world of fashion has always been a promising and fruitful one. Thousands of trends that came and disappeared later left their mark on many individuals’ personal style. Fashion changes over time. Yet, in the modern world, there is one more trend that has appeared and will probably never leave. Online clothing stores are being… Read More »

Seam Properties in Apparel | Seam Slippage | Seam Strength

What is Seam in Garments? A seam is the joining of two or two or more fabric pieces y means of one or more rows of stitches. Seam failure or fabric failure may occur as a result of longitudinal or transverse loading on such a sewn fabric. The transverse seam strength is a prime requirement… Read More »

Comfort and Durability in High Performance Apparel

Durability and Comfort in High Performance Apparel: Clothing is a basic need for human beings that provides protection to the body from environmental and climatic hazards. Extreme conditions require characteristic properties that are application-specific rather than just a basic need. High performance is a desirable attribute for professionals and comfort improves activity competence. A garment… Read More »